Memories Remains. + 0 comment(s)

that day i read all my blogposts. and couldnt stop laughing seriously hahaha. now dah takde dah blogposts tu semua cause ive reverted it to draft right away after i read it :p all the blogposts were so childish and immatured hahahaa. i realised that i was too emotional and sensitive back thenn. Sangat sangat hot tempered as well. and i did a good job in gossiping people seriously. if u read them...really. and i really loved to give my own opinions about others.

Well,i talked rubbish on 99% of my blogposts. too draggy...funny jugak ah bila baca ayat aku. ayat aku sangat ganas and sangat menyakitkan hati. The more merepek your post,the higher the rating. Hypothesis accepted! post yang mengumpat orang semua high rate weh hahaha. one more thing yang aku perasan aku suka cari gaduh dengan orang. hahaha i dont know what was i thinking back then. idk where did i get all the ideas to post all those ridicolous things. one post kalau tak merepek,tak sah. Haih rindu pulak dulu dulu~

but now i am a changed person. so dont judge me by my past. im happier now. i love myself in the present hehee :)