I never thought i will have a really strong and solid friendship like this. I remembered the first time i see you was when my friend told me she saw a handsome guy and it was you. I said to my friend, "Handsome guys are mostly useless. I hate handome guys. So i hate him" That was when the orientation days and that was my very first impression of you.

But it turned out that he and i were in the same class. My friend went furious because she envied me. and there was me making expressionless face. I didnt care and was not excited at all. The fact that i hated college and needed to make friends.also knowing that i was in the same class with that guy. How could i not hate my life..

So the college days passed as usual. Assignments,lab reports,friends,lunch,walk and also groupwork. Talking about a groupwork,we were divided randomly for this one subject and fate had cursed on me,i was in the same group with him. I was...cursed. I swear. From all the guys why him? i seriously hate it.

It was so awkward the first time we worked together as in the group of us,5 members. I didnt want to talk tohim at all. Let us be anonymous until the semester ends. However,we had lots of works to do together so we needed to communicate. So no matter how much i disliked him,i need to talk to him about the assignments and all. I need to be professional. I said it to myself.

As we always talk to each other,somehow we become closer. I noticed that he and i had a lot of things in common. He was not the quiet,snobbish and boring person that i thought he was. In fact,his sense of humour was the same level as me that i could click with him and he was very talkative. I was surprised. HAHA. So that day,i learnt that ; never judge a person. Lesson learnt.

Now, we both are inseparable. Many thought that we have that special relationship but we both know the limits of our friendship. We are bestfriends. Thats it. Never more and never less than that. We both know.