I wish everyday is like today. Woke up,met you and saw your smile first at the morning,had breakfast and talked with you for hours. WHAT A GOOD dAY

the view that i want to look at everyday

And we got 1 hour class only which felt like nothing but heavennn. sO happy todeii. 

tonight i got to gather with my classmates. 

 and got to eat burger. ignore my duckface..

3rd semester had just begun. The fact that we had no assignments and lectures start yet make me feel sooOo relax right now. Hidup macam takde masalah. I dont need to think about tests or my result what a lifee. Ok maybe i should start thinking about my 2nd semester punya pointer and coure that i wanna take for degree later but nOpe. Not now babe. Let me chill first. I can think about it on 2nd week later haha. 

But whatever it is,today was amazingg. From morning till night. IM SO HAPPY ALHAMDULILLAH HEHE. Life is great.

p/s: but something missing out today. Didnt meet eleni the whole day :(