We're on the next level. The previous post i wrote about we're being just bestfriends. But now i think it already turns to 'bae'stfriends (?) hahaha. 10 months off knowing him,i feel nothing but blessed. Now we think about the future and both hoping that this serious matter will happen sooner or later. Told ya we're on the next level >.<

But ofcourse we cannot hope too much because we both scared that if it doesnt happen,we feel despair. Anyway it feels funny sometimes because feel like im big enough to feel and think about this. Im only 19 kott theres a lot of other things i need to go through. I need to focus more on my studies and my families. Lets just REDHA. haha

But whatever it is, i believe that we plan,Allah plans but His plan is better because He knows whats best for us. If it meant to be,it will be. I believe. Lets just have faith on Him. In shaa Allah.