We both know that things are eventually going to be harder. We both know that things like this going to be happen someday or somehow. What we do not know is how will we react,what is our action and how we're going to solve it. Are we going to settle things down quickly or leave it hang? Are we going to settle it together or let the one person shoulders the burden alone? Are things going to be the same again after that or it will not? Are we going to stand? Are we going to stay for each other?

Its just one episode of this story but it affects both of us so much that can cause undesired changes to the whole story. It makes us feel mad,sad,hopeless,clueless,lost and feel like giving up. But we have to face it. Together. Lets just get through it. Together. Youre not going to leave me alone and so do i. Again,together.


Why do i feel like im the only one who settle down this thing? Why do i feel like youre not in this together? Where were you? 

The only thing you do is ranting on about the bullshits of it all. The only thing you do is asking me to do something about it while youre not even working on it when you can also do something. You dont want to get involve. You let me do it all by myself. Somehow i feel like you are treating me unfairly. Somehow i feel like youre not understand me that im tired of all these dramas that are going on. I need to share this problem with someone but i know youre not interested to know about this matter and dont give me solution to this thing so i end up bottling it up and thinking the solutions all alone. Im stressed out. I admit,im mentally exhausted.

You have the right to feel what youre feeling right now. Jealousy,insecurity,annoyed and anger -the feelings. Because i will feel exactly the same if im in your shoes right now or feeling even worse. So i understand. But you also need to understand that i need solution. and you.

I know youre not in your right mind when youre mad. So i cant get mad at you because i understand. At the end of the day,when youre feeling better,you will understand what i feel. Because i know you. So its okay. I dont feel mad but i just feel sad over this thing. I know its going to be okay,its just hard.

At the end of the day,its about us. Not about another person. So we're going to make it. Till the end. We can and we will. Together. 

I love you.